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About the Trialversion
What's the software for?
What can the software do better than other solutions?
How about support?
What's new in version 6 ?
How much is a classroom-license?
DWLGINA2.DLL, Windows won't start any more
"Unable to Set Data for" while starting the student-client
Student-client wan't reacte anymore
Performance-Optimierung des Schüler-Clients
Internet-Explorer FTP:// sperren
NETCOM Desktop Manager und Gruppenrichtlinien
Securitywarning when starting a program


About the Trialversion

The trialversion is a full version of the software that can be used for 30 days. After that it would not start anymore. By getting a licencekey you can reactivate the trialversion to a full functional version of the program without loosing any configuration settings.


What's the software for?

Using NETCOM Desktop Manager is an effektive way providing programs and files within a computer-classroom (Testmanagement!).It gives konsequente controlle over Internet-access with selektiver premission and blocking of single websites, as well as universale controlle of the student-Desktops and xtensive Windows-restrictions. The software enables you to show only those programs on the student-desktop, that are explictitly needed for you lesson.

The very simple and intuitive handling enables the instructor to setup an individualy designed Windows-enviroment all over the classroom.

With these features NETCOM Desktop Manager is an excelent Add-on-Produkt for all video-dedactical-networks.


What can the software do better than other solutions?

The installation of the Netcom Desktop Manager (NDM) is done only at intructors-PC. Student-computers do not need any kind of setup. The Installation is only a filecopy-process - no registry entrys are needed.
Shutting down the student client of the NDM will reset all restrictions und settings. No deinstallation of the programme is affordable.
Because of that the Netcom Desktop Manager is suitable in conjunction with all other softwareproducts and hdd-sheriff-cards.

The use of the NDM does not require any specific knowlege about Windows- or network administration. No administrative action is required: No workstation-administration and at all no administration of user-accounts has to be done by using the Netcom Desktop Manager.
Nevertheless the classroom-map shows all workstations with the workstation-name and the logged on username.
If files and worksheets are handed out and recollected, the NDM knows from witch student the data were collected.

Using computer-classrooms, the teachers normally depend on settings and configurations that were made by their collegues in their role as systemadministrators. The Netcom Desktop Manager enables them for every instructor to configure and setup his individual course environment.
Some instructors may use a more restrictive windows enviroment, while others might prefere a more liberal or open system enviroment. To change from one course-configuration to another, it takes just one mouseclick.

All settings take place immediately "on the fly" - no reboot or relogin of student-PCs is necessary.

Schools and universities often permit the use of their PC-pools outside the lessons and unsupervised standalone PCs are used for surfing the internet. The NDM "StandaloneClient" enables the desktop-control of unsupervised use of these computers. That means that restrictions configured by the Netcom Desktop Manager control the PCs even if no instrucor-module is up.

By the way: Customers from the industry use the NDM StandaloneClient to secure and to configure PC workstations in the productionarea.


How about support? 

NETCOM Helpdesk is available Mo-Fr 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. Tel.: +49 95 32 / 92 31 0 or SKYPE: DesktopManager.

Price includes 6 months free update service. Optional 12 - 36 months update service.


What's new in version 6 ?

For a f ree download (30 days trial version) have a look at www.desktopmanager.de oder www.netcom.de

NEU: View&Show: Interated drawing interface. On teachers and students screen (while remote control) can be drawn, and Screen copies are taken and stored. (Hot Key to de/activate: <Shift>+<Space>)

NEU: Extended control : Extended control: audio controls, speaker of the students can be silenced.
- Students can send messages to teachers.
- Teachers can send messages to any / all students

NEU: Classroom Map: - create hard copy of all / a student screen

- Zoom Mode / Select Mode (first left icon in the toolbar); so now, individual student / Ws are marked.
In Select mode the functions displayed in the toolbar (icons) were sent only to the
selected students (dark screen, input information, Usb Lock, Internet Lock enable / WS turn on / off)

NEU: Files: The data directory in the classroom map can be directly accessed by the context menu of the PC icons ("Student Files").
Files will be dealt to all or only to the selected Student PCs in the classroom map .
Students can use the context menu of the student files to send files to the teacher themselves (= dispensing of a work).

NEU: Testmodul: Tests can be created with the test editor (NDMExaEditor.exe) . Questions can be created as multiple choice questions (only one right answer = radio button, several correct answers = CheckBox) or on plain text.Questions can be weighted individually.In the question section, any Windows objects (graphics, Excel spreadsheets, Word Documents ...) Drag and drop (<Ctrl + be <C> Control + <V> involved) can be used.
To enable the assessment in the teaching module , it must be saved under ... \ exam \ ...
or copied there. A test is always one test file (... EXA).
In addition, the name of the test (name of the EXA-file), a corresponding subdirectory is created. There is a separate question for each rich text file (*. RTF) available.
The rich-text-files can also use any other rich-text editor to edit.



DWLGINA2.DLL, Windows wont start any more

The reason is that a former installed program does not force the rules of the Windows-logindialog.
The Installation of DWLGINA2.DLL recognizes the problem and protocols the causing DLL-file in the registry.
The problem is solved by a simple change inside the registry database.

>start Regedit.Exe at the involved PC.
>search for the Registry-KEYl: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Kassl\dWinlock\Gina
>the program listed in the REG_SZ-value causes the fault!
>delete the value GinaDll=...
>reboot the PC


Student-client wont react anymore

Check the version of DTM-ServiceWorker-service (filei: pDTMServiceWorker.Exe) placed in systemroot-directory under NetcomDesktopManager\

for example: C:\Windows\NetcomDesktopManager\pDtmServiceWorker.Exe

Start explorer, click the file, right-click the file to open the contextmenu, click register
"VERSION", find Versionnumber. The version supposed to be or higher.

ServiceWorker is installed during client-configuration and will be automatically updated.
If version of ServiceWorker is lower then reexecute client-configuration as explained.

Alternativly you can update the service manually.
Open up a DOS-Box.
Type the folowing commands:

cd C:\Windows\NetcomDesktopManager
Net Stop DTMSW
pDtmServiceWorker.exe /unInstall

Copy the pDTMServiceWorker.Exe-file from Installationdirectory to Systemroot\NetcomDesktopManager
For example.: Copy F:\Netcom\Desktop\Schueler\DtmServiceWorker\pDtmServiceWorker.Exe C:\Windows\NetcomDesktopManager\*.*

Type the followin command to the DOS-box:

pDtmServiceWorker /install
Net Start DTMSW


Performance-Optimization for student-clients

With some Windows 2000 installationen the performance of NETCOM Desktop Manager student-client can be optimized by activating the "Adjust for best performance: Backgroundprocesses" option. From MyComuter contextmenu (right mouse button) select "Properties", register "Advanced" und "Perfomance", register "Advanced". Activate the option "Backgroundprocesses".
the performance of the system will not realy be influenced, because of Desktop Manager Client does many little settings one after each other that take very with very little CPU-time. Therefor NETCOM Desktop Manager does not need hugh CPU-time but many times very little CPU-time-slices otherwise the wait-time between the CPU-time-slices will drop performance, while CPU-usage shows less then 2%.


WithInternet-Explorer FTP:// will not be blocked

Deaktivate the option "Enable folderview for FTP-Sides" from Menu ->"Tools"->"Advanced".

Alternativ FTP can be blocked by adding "FTP" to the list of blocked programs of the program-blocker.


NETCOM Desktop Manager and Group Police Objects

NETCOM Desktop Manager can be used with GPO; Here are the rules:

GPOs made under "Computerconfiguration" will superset Desktop Manager settings.
GPOs made under "Userconfiguration" will be overwritten by Destop Manager

So administratoren have a tool to restrict the power of NETCOM Desktop Managers.

Shuting down NETCOM Desktop Manager Client the normal way will reset all done settings and restrictions.


Securitywarning while starting a programm, Win XP SP2

Starting a program from the server will bring up a security warning.

Start Internet-Explorer, select >"Tools", >"Internet Options" from Mainmenu.
Select the register "Security".
select "Trusted sides", click "Sites..."
uncheck the option "require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone".
Enter your servers IP-address and click "ADD".

Hint: To make changes take effect you have to reboot your system.



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