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Test report LanLine 12/2007 Test report SODIS 11/2007

Netcom Desktop Manager
Standard Ed.

  • provide programs

  • handout tests and recollect

  • block internet-access

  • selectivly block and grant access to individuall internetsides

  • classroom-map, overall view of all student-screens

  • studentscreens as snapshots

  • programm-blocker

  • block drives

  • USB-blocker

  • contrrol all Windows-keyboard shortcuts

  • hide Startmenu, Taskbar, Desktop Icons

  • prohibit or set wallpapaer

  • Set Internet-Homepage by course

  • Lock workstation during boot-time

  • block mouse and keyboard input

  • blank screen

  • centralized startup (Wake-On-LAN), Logoff and shutdown of all student-PCs

  • compatible to all Videonetworks and any kind og network-environment

  • NEW: admin-modul

  • NEW: Course adaptation in different classrooms

Netcom Desktop Manager
Standalone Client

  • provide programs

  • selectivly block and grant access to individuall internetsides

  • programm-blocker

  • download-blocker

  • hide drives

  • USB-blocker

  • control shortcuts / Windows keys

  • hide startmenu, taskbar, desktop icons

  • denie or set wallpapers

Netcom Desktop Manager
View & Show

  • didactic network: View & Show

  • send every students screen to the Instructor

  • send instructor-screen to all student-PCs

  • remote-control single student-PCs

  • NDM Embeded is"mini SAN-System" (harddiskdrive with netzwerk connector) that allready holds a preinstalled version of NETCOM Desktop Manager, ready to use.
  • just connect NDM Embededded to your existing network (10/100/1000 MBit)

  • no user-administartion, keine netzwork-administration (access-rights, GroupPolicieObjects, ...) no direktory (AD, NDS, LDAP, ...) is requiered

  • just plug and play

  • 500 GB storragecapacity, optional available as Singel-Drive or RAID-System

Netcom Desktop Manager
Terminalserver Ed.

  • Integrierted Video network (no additional licence requested) including the functionality "student screen to Instructor" and "Remote Control of the student-PCs"

  • provide programs

  • Test-Management hand out and recollect

  • Block Internet access

  • Selective block or share single Websites

  • Classroom map, overall view of all students screens

  • studentscreens as snapshots-view

  • programm-blocker

  • block access to drives

  • control keyboard shortcuts

  • hides startmenu, taskbar, desktop icons

  • denie or set wallpaper

  • set individuall Internet-homepage by course

  • lock workstation on startup

  • lock keyboard and mouse

  • blank screen
The features in detail: (The product features listed here are part of NETCOM Desktop Manager Standard Edition, with the exception of the NDM-module View&Show, which is licensed seperatly.) Planners will find an exact list of the varios features in TenderText.pdf (see above).
+++ Windows Desktop per instructor / course:

On mouse click the Desktop of all student PCs is generated on the fly, including all programs and restrictions setted up before for that individual course. The number of cources created is unlimited. All settings made by Desktop Managers take place immediately during the lesson - ohne restart or relogon is requested.

+++ Classroom map and screen viewt:

Workstation Discovery automaticaly generates the map of the classroom according to the seating arrangement. The workstation icons automatically include the workstation name and the login name of the user. The Icons also show a little picture of students scrren. So there is an overall view of what every stuedent is working on (whats on its screen) all over the classroom. Get a zoomed view of any screen just by a mouse click .

* This feature is allready included in Standard Edition. no extra license is required.

+++ Programme:

Netcom Desktop Manager enables you to provide or block any single application. You ar able to just block single applications or or block all applications with the exception of those programs that are needed for your course Only allowed programs are shown as Desktop-Icons and in Startmenu. On the fly any application can be closed at the student-PCs.

+++ Files:

Netcom Desktop Manager enables the provisioning of files (work templates, Tests) and simultaious opening at all student clients. These Files can be stored at a central place, can be recollected (also form student homedirectories) and be stored in a course directory.

+++ Student Desktops:

Control the Startmenu of all student-PCs and decide by your self which programs are available and appeare as Icons on the Desktop. Hide the Taskbar and prohinit background images . (Or set up a individual wallpaper for your course.)

+++ Internet:

Grand access to use the Internet for the hole class or block access. Just allow access to single Webseiten and block any other sides. Grand general access to the Internet but block unwanted sites. Also just any kind of Download can be blocked!

+++ Lock input and storage:

Lock mouse and keyboardinput or the use of the right mouse button. Set blank all student screens to be shure to catch all of the students attention. Block USB-storage! Hide and Denie access to all drives or grand access. Turne off the Taskmanager and suppress a variety of Windows Keys like CTRL + Alt + DEL and many more.

+++ Windows-Restriktionen:

Block USB! Grand access to single ore all drives or prohibit access. Turn off Taskmanager suppress a variaty of Windows shortcuts like Ctrl + Alt + DEL etc. All settings of NETCOM Desktop Managers work on the fly, during the current teaching operation without any restart or relogin .

+++ Student PCs:

... can be started, logged off and shutdown, centralized from the instructors place . The Offline configuration prevents PC-manipulations even if instructor module is started.

+++ Lock Workstation at Boot time:

This special feature locks the PC until the NETCOM Desktop Manager client has been started successfully. So there is no chance to excape from the control of NETCOM Desktop Manager even by disconnecting the network cable.

+++ NDM module "View & Show":

Realtime video network inside the classroom (Student to instructor, instructor to all), as well as control individual student PCs remotly (Remote Control). The module NDM View&Show complements the classroom map already include in Desktop Manager Standart Edition.

* NDM View&Show is licensed seperately as addon module to NDM Standard Edition.

+++ Terminalserver Edition:

Der Netcom Desktop Managers can also be used with Microsoft Terminalserver. The Terminalserver-Edition des Netcom Desktop Managers includes the full scope of "Standard Edition". Incidentally: NDM Terminalserver Edition is cluster aware.

* NDM Terminalserver Edition a separate product.

+++ Standalone Client:

Also control standalone PCs outside the classroom (f.e. Internet-Surfstationen or library computers) with all the restriktionen the posibilities of Netcom Desktop Managers.

* NDM StandAloneClient requires a seperately license.

+++ Integration of Videonetworks:

Netcom Desktop Manager is suitable us AddOn-Tool to all video networks - no matter whether a Hard- oder Software solution is used. For EBS Euchner Videodidact a special control module is available.

* NDM module for EBS Videodidact.